About the CMCP

Cormac McCarthy’s distinctive style has been evident to readers and scholars from the beginning of his career. With the rise of digital humanities and corpus linguistics, we can now explore McCarthy’s style in a quantitative way never before possible. The goal of the Cormac McCarthy Corpus Project (CMCP) is to gather various digital tools for interrogating McCarthy’s canon, so the project will always be an ongoing one. As new tools and interfaces become available, they will be incorporated into the CMCP.

These tools can help us examine narrative framework, sentence structure, and diction within particular texts and across the entire canon. They can help us answer a number of stylistic questions and, perhaps more importantly, raise additional questions for further study.

Since the CMCP is a young system, we need your feedback. Please let us know what problems you encounter and what questions and suggestions you have for us. If you have a feature request or a tool you would like to see, let us know that as well.